Best eCommerce Website Development Company in Bangladesh

If you are exhausted from the traditional business and want to run your business online, and scanning for the best eCommerce website development company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, well then, you have reached an excellent place. We present you with Spellbit Ltd.

If you want the best service for your company, You have come to a distinguished company that is one of the best website design companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for web development. We succeed in generating the best eCommerce website in Bangladesh that you want. We are filled with a well-experienced team who focus on making extraordinary eCommerce websites for our customers all over the world.

It does not matter if your business is large or short; spellbit can assure you the full spectrum of our services in developing and managing our clients’ websites. Our experience helps us solve any features of the eCommerce website and secure that we can communicate with our clients globally.

Well, that was so many remarkable talks. Now, let’s check out what e-Commerce is and why you need an e-commerce website in the present world, and the benefits.

Notes: In the meanwhile, we’ll give you a getting guide tour and contact regards.

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Types of eCommerce Websites

There are various types of eCommerce websites that our eCommerce site developers and engineers can develop for you, and that’s what peoples are love about us.

Business to Business (B2B)

It is an online web portal for electronic transactions between two or more business companies of goods and services. For Example, You sell software to other businesses owner.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

A web portal to attach companies directly to the customer and share messages and funds for goods and services. For Example, You can buy T-Shirts from an online retailer shop.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

Here you are a customer who will sell a used or a new product to other customers, likely through a third-party web portal. For Example, You are going to sell your used mobile phone on or to other customers.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

Well, this one is a different aspect to talk about. Here the transactions of services and goods happen between a customer or any individuals to companies.

Launch a strong online multi-vendor marketplace with spellbit. Full custom and scalable multi vendor ecommerce software to build eCommerce websites and mobile applications like Amazon, Alibaba or like that.

Do you Know? Why & How Spellbit is the best for an eCommerce website development company in Bangladesh?

Let’s break down the answer step by step. Could you stick with us?

  • In the first instance, even before we start making any websites, our ‘Spellbit Intelligence Team’ discusses with the client various times to get a grasp of the nature of the client’s business and the audience they target. The ‘Spellbit Intelligence Team’ accompanies web-based research on the needs and inclinations of that business’s target audience for better results.
  • Then the ‘Spellbit Creative Team’ designs website layouts depending on the clients’ needs and the results of the ‘ Spellbit Intelligence Team’s research. Then comes the ‘Spellbit Execution Team’. They start to develop clients’ eCommerce websites after they get the final permission.
  • 3. Spellbit team specializes in coupling our expertise, inclinations of our client’s target demographic, and our client’s specific demands for developing the website. Consequently, our team checks the site’s archetype and does a dogmatic test to ensure quality and fix any mistakes they come across.
  • 4. Lastly, the website of the client is ready to be expanded. If the client faces any obstructions with the website, our ‘Spellbit Support Team’ will always be here to solve the obstacles as soon as possible.

Note: If you still have any questions regarding our job, take a look at our work; that might solve all the queries.

Fundamental advantages of an eCommerce website for online business

  • You can easily maintain the product datasheet alongside the descriptions and reviews
  • You can conduct market research from your very own eCommerce site
  • Your customers get the choice to shop online from anywhere in the world
  • Transactions are easy for both the seller and the buyer
  • Using search engine visibility, you can attract potential clients
  • Improved communication between customers and seller
  • You can improve your strategies according to your customers’ feedback
  • You can keep your business running all the time
  • Lower inventory maintenance cost
  • Overall operational cost decreased
  • Scale-up your business; you are allowed to do that

eCommerce Website core Features:

Although, to give you a short conception of what you can archive and sell on your eCommerce website, here is a list of shopping features you strength like to include on your website.

Unlimited Product

Regular price & old price

Product Compare

Online Payment

SEO Friendly URL

Order Management

Search Feature

Unlimited Category

Fixed No of products

Brand Management

Customer Registration

User Management

Hot Deal Management

Best Offers

Multiple images


Cash on Delivery

Password Recovery

Sales Management

Discount Management

And much more

eCommerce is not a fashion, It expands your business globally.

Best eCommerce Website Development Company in Bangladesh

eCommerce is not a fashion, It expands your business globally.

eCommerce Development Technologies

Which we use here will be used technology





Single Vendor eCommerce:

Feature-rich eCommerce Website Development Services. Development Languages: PHP(Laravel) & React js

Spellbit conducts uncommon features in eCommerce website development in Bangladesh from startups to built companies. With our extensive eCommerce packages, you pay only for the features that you expect.

Beautiful Storefront:

We analyze your business requirements and create a sound design that is the best-suited eCommerce solution for your online store. To manage the desperate competition, you should have wondrous visual appeal. Whether the devices, it is desktop, laptops, or any smartphones, we make sure that your eCommerce store functions accurately on all devices.

  • HTML5, CSS3 & Vue.js to enhance responsive interface and valued description for products.
  • Ability to search the entire shop, filters, and sorting options for all products.
  • Unlimited products images with features.

Smarter Checkout

We work with a well-strategized methodology. Our strategy is to create a user-friendly eCommerce shop with a few & easy procedures for checkout. We design proficient & compact shopping carts with multiple features.

  • Flat Shipping charges / Location-based shipping charges calculation and free shipping option.
  • Gift fold option with configurable reward wrap charges and obtain discount coupons.
  • Third-party Shipping partner combinations like sundharban, RedX, and secured Payment Gateway integration.

Customer Management
A prominent eCommerce website development company Spellbit offers the most humble and scalable customer management system. We have conveyed an extraordinary management system to fulfill all your expectations.

  • Perfectly customizable advanced management system with zero barriers.
  • Website Wish list, customer Order tracking features, Order View or print options for customers.
  • Retry payment option for failed orders it may manual option.

Content Management
Our expert developers and designers served you with legionary add-ons, integrations, and support features. We always wanted to better client-centric services by delivering flexible models. Below. Here are some key features of our development system.

  • Full content management system
  • Easy to use by an editor with the ability to add content, images, and videos.
  • Searching engine-friendly pages.
  • Contact forms receive all responses from customers via emails.
  • View Category Management
  • Drag and Drop category Sequencing
  • Promotional Banners and offers

Online Payments
For an eCommerce store, Online payment Gateway integration is the ultimate secured and comfortable option for payments. You select the payment gateway you want & we arrange it done for you. Being a reliable eCommerce website development partner in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we bring your business to an audience all over the world.

  • Buyers always favor convenience in payments so we should make sure about customer’s comfortability.
  • All transactions must be done in the most secure way.

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Web Security
Most of the times browsers do not classify malware so you can afford to lose your private and sensitive data? With Spellbit Security is examined in each appearance such as UI-UX, all add-ons, and various development functionalities.

  • We investigate and audit security architecture, classify the gap and retaliate them to confident protection from malware and other warnings.
  • Right from the development stage we focus on security magnifying systems.

Email/SMS Notifications
especially understanding and expertise, our developers are knowledgeable with every case of eCommerce website development. So to minimize your artificial or fake users and orders trouble we provide you a possible solution that as email and SMS notifications. Customer registration by email verifying.

  • After confirmation of order send Order status update notification by Email, SMS to Buyers.
  • Configure the customer’s order notifications email and SMS theme the way you want.
  • Final checkout for OTP(One Time password) to stop feck orders.

Order Processing
Whether it is a small eCommerce store or a global eCommerce store- order processing management is crucial. We have certified expertise in eCommerce website development in Bangladesh to assure the efficient and perfect functioning of order management and others.

  • Manage various order situations like Awaiting Pickup, Shipment-in, Transit, Delivered
  • Configure the customer’s order notifications email and SMS temple
  • Order status update notification Email, SMS to Buyers
  • Easy retry Order option for customers for failed payment orders
  • Track customer order history, Cancel or refund the orders system
  • Automatic inventory reduction for successful orders
  • Automatic inventory addition or canceled and refunded orders, if needed

Marketing Tools
The best marketing Mechanism is managing the business world by fastening customers consistently. With the popular trend, marketing has transferred to new heights. With our eCommerce development service, you will have opportunities in all aspects to improve user registrations, up-sell, and earn customer’s faith.

  • Light Footprint Design for Fast Load Time and Search Engine Optimization
  • Google site map creation and auto generation
  • Search engine friendly URL
  • META title and all Information Management at Product and Category Levels
  • Generate Unlimited Discount coupons
  • Easy email Marketing Module, You can create email template as your own desire.
  • SMS Marketing module, You can send SMS to your targeted consumer by group
  • Share Products on social media and Marketing Campaign monitoring to investigate campaign appearance.

In-Depth Reports
Our Excellent Reports is the clarification that brings your real-time perspicacity on sales, transactions, and even updates occurring on your valued eCommerce website.

  • Graphically daily sales report on Dashboard and Conventional search reports
  • Top 20 Customers reports
  • Low stock quantity reports
  • Store/Plaza wise report
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, yearly Sales Reports
  • Deleted/Refunded orders reports
  • Category wise sales report
  • Product-wise sales report
  • Download all reports in excel,PDF

Technical Support
We have overcome various industry and/or technological challenges through rigorous internal activities, research, and solutions. We offer excellent services through innovative clarifications, the best business methods, and cutting-edge technologies.

  • Any technical or non-technical inquiries can be defined with our dedicated support team at your preference.
  • Queries related to customization will quickly be diverted to the concerned technical specialists.

Multi-vendor eCommerce website:

A High-level Suspension to Accomplish your Limitless vendors on your website.

Convert Your Visitors into Customers. A robust e-commerce website is the need of every business owner in order to achieve an online retail grip. As people now favor buying or shop more online and in such situations, the need of the hour is to build an online appearance. A standard website is a must for increasing your online sales.

We are the trusted eCommerce, software, and web development company in Bangladesh that helps you to become market leaders in your industry by offering an effective eCommerce website with user-friendly components. We acknowledge offering the best modifications and functionality with our appropriate e-commerce site development.

Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Deliverables:

Separate vendor panel:
In the Multi-Vendor system, you can create subscription plans for vendors with various conditions and constraints.

Adaptable Product Approval System:
Product management is easy and productive. In Multi-Vendor, product consent is adjustable and handy at the same time.

Manual Shipping Calculations:
Make the life of your vendors more relaxed. Vendors can use shipping systems for real-time shipping calculations.

Separate Catalog for vendor
Display a Separate Catalog for Various Sellers or Vendors so that users can immediately search vendors’ names on the Website.

Vendor and User Statistics:
Give your vendors an exceptional analytics tool. your agents can view detailed statistics on their sales in your marketplace.

On-the-spot Order Management:
Keep a record for Each and All Order so that you can have transparent relations between you and different vendors.

Why choose us for a Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website:

Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website helps you creating an online Selling Platform, in which you can sell each and everything and add unlimited Seller who can sell their item on your Market Place, your role is to give support.

Exploring a world of Innovation,
Smarter eCommerce Website Development Services

Awesome UI and UX

Retain Consumers with Awesome UI and UX experience.


Inputs to graduate up business with tailor-made clarifications

Custom Solutions

Customizable website as per your unique requirements


Reach out to lots of gentle buyers across the world.

Security First

Responsibility for safeguarding your eCommerce website


Scalable solutions to grow with your online business

FAQs in Best eCommerce Website Development Company in Bangladesh

How does ‘eCommerce website’, develop?

We provide a full array of eCommerce solutions. You do not have to worry about this. Just inform us of your specific queries. Our ‘Relationship Team’ will cordially answer your queries in detail whereas our ‘Execution Team’ will develop an e-commerce site as per your requirement.

Cost of an eCommerce Website?

The cost of developing an eCommerce website depends on different factors and functionalities. The rate varies from $799 to $15000 or more. Please talk to our ‘Sales Team’ to finalize the deal according to your budget.

Do you have any hidden costs?

We humbly answer ‘No’. Our pricing for your eCommerce website is determined based on your requirements. Obviously, we fix it in consultation with you, and once you place an order, we strictly adhere to the quoted price on our eCommerce website development packages. Our pricing is always transparent and affordable for you.

How much time need to develop my eCommerce site?

We are highly efficient to provide quick service delivery based on your project requirements and eCommerce website development packages. Just place the order now, we will develop your eCommerce website within the minimum possible time. If you have an urgent deadline, our team will work hard to deliver your website in time.

Do you write content for a website?

Yes, we have an efficient writing team that develops content for your website. But you have to pay an extra fee for a content writing service for your website.

Do you provide Domain & Hosting?

Yes, WebTech provides ‘One-Stop Web Solutions’. You do not have to fear domain and hosting-related issues. We will efficiently take care of each task from registering your domain to crafting design, developing your website to maintaining your site for the long term.

Will the website be SEO Friendly?

Yes, we always design and develop websites that are highly ‘Search Engine Friendly’.

Do you offer payment gateway services?

Our e-Commerce development service offers third-party or direct bank secure payment gateway service.

Do you have NDA policy?

We always value the privacy of your information, and we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement policy at our company.

Do you think, you are the Best eCommerce Website Development Company in Bangladesh

Yes, we think so.

Our expert developers and designers will help you to provide Various ECommerce Web Development Services to kick start your DREAMS.