If you are looking for the best IT Firm in Bangladesh, then you are on the right place. There are some top IT companies in Bangladesh available in Bangladesh with their best service. In this article, I will share about their performance, their services, and other related issues in details.

In this technology-oriented modern world, people are in a great need of different types IT related requirements such as website making, video editing, graphic design etc. Hopefully, this article will aid you a lot.

Top 5 IT firm In Bangladesh

  1. Spellbit LTD.
  2. Dream 71 Bangladesh LTD.
  3. Tiger IT Bangladesh
  4. Magnito Digital
  5. Kazi Software LTD.


Spellbit started its remarkable journey as freelancing agency in IT related services. The passionate and skillful service providers have been using their dynamic talent in their respective jobs.  This is one of the greatest IT Company in Dhaka. The mission of Spellbit is to provide skillful service to the clients based on the demand and changing technology in time. Honesty is our key principle that we strictly follow to provide desired services of the clients.

We never compromise with the quality, techniques and unique performance of our service. We ensure our client’s satisfaction by using the best service provider along with suitable tools and capability.

Spellbit Services

 Spellbit Web-design service

Web Design

Creative design with eye-catching quality is enough to send a powerful message of your services to the clients. We provide our effective services and make high impression by using our unique and creative design ideas.


1. Website Design. 2. Responsive Web design. 3. PSD to HTML.
4. Website Redesign. 5. Landing page design.

spellbit web development service

Web Development

Websites are much-needed tool to engage with your targeted customers. We create highly professional and functional websites satisfying our client’s demands.


1. Website development 2. Woo commerce Site Development 3. Custom Website Design
4. WordPress Theme Development 5. Website Customization 6. Themeforest Product Development

Spellbit Graphic design service

Graphic Design

Creative designs can reach to potential client’s needs. Also, it is a powerful creation that creates a significant impression of your service. Through our designs, we capably maintain a visual communication with our clients.

1. Logo design 2. Flyers & postcard design
3. PSD template Design 4. Magazines & books cover design.

spellbit software development service

Software Development

Software development is a way of developing software using the codes and required objects orderly. We understand different purposes for creating software. That’s why are capable of meeting the specific requirements of our clients.

apps development spellbit section

Android & iOS App Development

We provide professional applications for both iOS and Android platforms. Our established applications have great stability with the best speed. We apply best device sensors and make it user-friendly.

Users can easily access into the apps by registering and can share their desired information with their friends, family or any social networks. Our Usage analytics is preferable to collect data that provides great flexibility to the user.

Video Editing

Video editing is another necessary requirement in this advanced technology-related world.  The specific arrangement of short video slides, their manipulation keeping the structure perfect is the job here.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a remarkable media to keep good communication with the customers. Our specialized team is ready to provide you great service in online marketing to apply the process in productive way.


1. Google Paid 2. Search Engine Optimization 3. Social Media Marketing
4. Email Marketing 5. Content marketing 6. Contextual marketing

Domain & Hosting services

Without domain &hosting service, it is impossible to run a website successfully. Our Company is there to provide this service with guarantee.


Search Engine Optimization is much-needed to rank your website or pages at ranking in the Google. With our special team of SEO, we make your digital contents more relevant to the Google and promote them on higher ranking position.

1. Search Engine Optimization. 2. On-site Optimization 3. Off-page Optimization
4. Keyword research 5. Keyword Analysis

Quality of our products:

It is not possible to win the trust of the clients without providing quality service. That’s why Our IT firm concentrate on planning and follow strategic ways to fulfill the ultimate requirements of our clients.

Our services determine the best quality with the latest features. Our superior team is faithful and strong enough in technology related areas and communication.

Spellbit creates what you are dreaming for in achieving higher success. We handle every project that will accelerate your business and fulfill your expectation.

Time management dealing clients:

We strive to provide world-class management solution quickly to our clients. We have experienced and high-quality service providers. Our clients can achieve excellent resources and efficient enrollment in software with us for that.

We maintain discipline and honesty in our works and make no delay to interact with our clients. We routinely maintain time-efficient performance and deliver leading-edge advanced technology-oriented job.

View of our clients:

Jennifer Disotell review: Spellbit is one of the greatest professional contractors that I have ever used. They were always excellent in keeping constant communication. They provided hourly updates on progress. I highly recommend Spellbit and will.

Pattrik Elias review: Spellbit is absolutely brilliant. It was a pleasure to work with them on my new website and made the whole procedure smartly in a very comfortable way. They are professional in providing excellent service.

John P De LA Cruz Review: I was amazed on how Spellbit came up with brilliant solutions to a few unseen problems that occurred during the time of handling the project. Excellent!! Brilliant!! They are indeed very knowledgeable and easy going in performance.

Felipe Urrego review: Spellbit is very dedicated and much helpful. They complete their projects on time and did all the reviewed tasks quickly with quality. I really love to work with Spellbit Company and will hire soon for next time.

Why it is best IT firm in Bangladesh:

  1. Honesty and commitment is our key investment. We keep a smooth communication in our business deals that helps us create a stronger and long-term relationship with our honorable clients.
  2. Our service is the best for keeping pace with the changing technology. We provide fastest and efficient service using the best technology.
  3. We truly believe in maintaining long-term reliable relationship with our clients. We show respect and trust in their views and gently handle the projects.
  4. We are great in moral ethics and strictly avoid any misunderstanding.
  5. Our team is full of professional and efficient members with years of long-term experience.
  6. We offer our best service that is reliable and match with the present technology and business era.
  7. We are very passionate and dedicated to deal with our clients. Our team maximizes their superior efforts to accomplish the hired projects diligently.
  8. We thrive to learn constantly and shaping our skills to keep updated with the changing technology. That’s why we are best IT firm in Bangladesh.
  9. In fact, it is a powerful combination of some dream seekers extraordinary talents, hardworking and dedicated. We aim at making dynamic organization where skills are utilized in providing excellent service with high quality.

2.Dream 71 Bangladesh LTD

You are cordially welcome to Dream 71 Bangladesh LTD. This is one of the leading Apps, software and game development company in Bangladesh founded in 2014. In fact, it is a powerful combination of some dream seekers extraordinary talents, hardworking and dedicated. We aim at making dynamic organization where skills are utilized in providing excellent service with high quality.

Dream 71 Bangladesh LTD Services:

1. IOS App Development:

The powerful iOS team can easily cope with the changing technology and feature. They have a deep knowledge of iPhone, iPad, Apple and also they know how these devices work.

2. Android app development:

Basically, Java language is the key foundation of android development. This company claims to understand the required programming languages with a lot of success in Android app development projects.

3. Software development:

Software development is a way of developing software using the codes and required objects orderly. Their team of highly talented developers maintains a framework and works hard to provide you the best of their talent.

4. Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a process of reaching to the clients and customers in short time. They aim at providing the best service without any interruption.

5. Multimedia Content Development:

The content team use functional and worthy tools that can create an everlasting impression on the specific clients.

  1. Video Demonstration.
  2. 2D/3D Animation.
  3. Game Development for learning purpose.
  4. Multimedia Presentation and product Catalog.
  5. Game Development:

Basically, Java language is the key foundation of android development. They claim to understand the required programming languages with a lot of success in Android game app development projects.


The mission is to offer high-quality service with agility and trustworthy service. With the rapid growth of technology, they have innovative ideas with clarification in the concept.

Time management dealing client:

Time management is exceptionally a required condition if you want to have a good relationship with your customers and clients. They maintain these criteria and offer fastest communication and accomplish the projects meeting the deadline.

View of our clients:

Konica Ferdous review: It’s really great to work with the Dream 71. They did excellent job.

Tahiatul Islam Review: Dream 71 is excellent in developing world-class apps in Bangladesh. I feel proud of them.

Feature of this IT Firm:

Dream 71 Bangladesh is undoubtedly one of the IT firm in Bangladesh. This IT company is giving the best endeavor in create innovative and beautiful design. Also, they are having a team with passion, productivity, and efficiency.

The dedication of their powerful and trustworthy team is enough to build every app creating satisfaction in clients mind.


3.Tiger IT Bangladesh:

Tiger IT is reliable and one of the most renowned software companies in Bangladesh with over ten years of long-term experience.  This IT firm in Bangladesh shows its innovative performance in establishing NIST certified AFIS.

Tiger IT Bangladesh services:

To run and expand your business smoothly, IT is a special requirement that you can’t deny. Often, IT strategy changes with time and most people need to consult about it for the long-term benefits.

  1. Business process analysis ( pre tender)
  2. Conceptual Solution Design( Pre Tender)
  3. Tender Strategy and Competitive Analysis (Pre tender)
  4. Cost Optimization while maintaining high customer satisfaction ( pre/post tender)
  5. Project Implementation policy and Roadmap (pre tender)
  6. RFP Response Development (Pre Tender).
  7. Development approach (Post Tender).
  8. Solution Integration and Deployment (Post Tender)
  9. Client Site management (Post Tender)

Quality of our products:

  1. Tiger IT makes no compromise with the quality of products. It maintains comprehensive enrollment and gives their best in storage capability. They have a great application in processing XML technology.
  2. That’s why the application supports in any devices capturing the massive advantages. It makes no difference if you operate your desired application in smartphone or PC, it will show great functionalities.

Time management dealing client:

Tiger IT always maintains the deadline to deal with our clients with the best services. As they believe in agility, honesty, and commitment, they are the best for time management with their clients.

View of clients:

Saroar Jahan Reviewed: Tiger IT is an organization for what Bangladesh can proud for. They are delivering high-quality solution and competing with the world-class companies of IT world.

Why it is best IT firm In Bangladesh:

  1. Tiger IT truly believes in professionalism in dealing with clients. They show respect and trust in their views and gently handle the projects.
  2. Their consulting services are quite helpful for the growth of every business.

4. Magnito digital

Magnito digital is another leading IT company in Dhaka. They are noted for the efficient and experienced team of more than 70 people with massive set up services.  Their mission is to create suitable digital contents and reach them to the targeted audience.

Magnito Digital Services:

  • Strategy:

Magnito digital has long experience in brand management. Their strong team management will help you in generating standard digital strategy. This will lead you on the right track to reach on the right audience in the right time.

  • Design:

They have a powerful team of creating unique design with perfection. The designs will make everyone feel the brand communication.

  • Content:

In producing meaningful digital content, this company is best in creating so. Video contents, podcast, media banners whatever the content is, they assure you to have the right thing.

  • Campaign:

This company is formulating the digital campaigns for award-winning or professional level brand. Their strategic planners are ready to develop suitable campaigns that hold massive engagement.

  • Social & Events:

Magnito digital is there to interact with your customers applying the best social media strategies effectively. It provides excellent service in executing events to enlarge your brand value.

  • Analytics:

It takes the whole responsibility for your valuable brand with correct data analytics. Their teams use the best tools to collect information that lead them rightfully whatever to plan for next.

  • Innovation:

Magnito labs are one of the latest features of our service. The excellent innovation funnel is expert at keeping good networks using their knowledge and experience. They are perfect in producing good technological products with the innovation service.

Quality of product:

They provide magnificent digital contents and use the best tools to do so. Robust products and meaningful online strategies with digital media plans made them one of the most leading digital agencies in Bangladesh.

Time management dealing clients:

Time management is the best thing in which they keep their constant focus on. Their team is always there to provide responsive service with excellent communication. They are quick at delivering our digital media services to the clients keeping the perfectionism.

View of our clients:

Arman Haque, Chairman of InnStar Limited reviewed:  a digital agency should have a unique fabric with each media partner organization process by realizing its value and corporate attitude meaningfully. Magneto has successfully created that impression make us know who they are.


  1. Magnito team is the best for solving problems with their knowledge and strategies with years of experience.
  2. They truly believe that upcoming years will draw an innovation in worldwide with the growth of digital strategies. That’s why Magnito digital is always there to cope with the changing time of technology.

5.Kazi IT Center LTD:

The mission of this IT Company in Dhaka is to simplify the ways of life of the clients in terms of using advanced technology. Administrative jobs, e-commerce associations, research related works etc. are being performed in a wide range by Kazi IT.

Kazi IT Center Services:

  • Customer service Outsourcing:

KITC BPO is excellent in providing service to support our honorable clients with professional customer service. Also, they focus on multiple language delivery service worldwide in training, workforce and quality management also.

  • Finance and Accounting:

They are the best in creating established F&A function with transparent accounting based service. Their business value realization helps a client achieve a powerful framework that leads the economic structure in a wide value.

  • Human Resource outsourcing:

The human resource service team is strong enough to provide trans formative solution to the clients.  They offer consulting service with impeccable outsourcing solutions. They ensure the quality of the project delivery to the global clients and meet different kinds of requirement of global workforce.

  • Legal Process Outsourcing:

Kazi IT implement most demanded business technology tools and makes the projects at professional levels in law firms and legal works. They help business owners analyzing the present business situations to cope with the future challenge.

  • Sales and Fulfillment:

The IT team provides sales service solution in wide ranges. They provide quick service at managing products cost of business. Revenue enlargement is being confirmed with service.

  • Sourcing & Procurement Outsourcing:

The key strength of KITC BPO sourcing & procurement service is to enable the clients achieving the best procurement operation by decreasing the costs of third-party. Also, they have a team with diverse marketing knowledge that is helpful for trans formative solutions.

  • Digital Business Services:

They provide great service in optimizing digital contents and make creative designs. Also, this company makes sure of executing the best customer’s experience.

  • Business Transformation Services:

They offer five-step approach to our clients for transforming their business with massive growth. Also, they provide operational strategy to standardize the business policy with the technology.

Quality of our product:

The quality of their products has a wide value. Kazi IT owns a progressive team to perform and manage clients with their best performance. They implement best consulting service in a diverse fact. In a word, the goal is to embrace new technologies and thrive to be the best in everyone’s eyes.

Time management dealing

Not only they are outstanding in service, but also they provide faster delivery of their level best. The team is there to interact with faster communication services that create trusted value of the company.

You can seek helps from regional agencies to have flexibility in delivery. But most often they fail to do so. This IT firm maintains turnaround time policy to meet your requirement.

View of our clients

Md. Sazzadur Rahman reviewed: Kari It is one of the leading IT Company in Bangladesh. It provides the best service in worldwide. They have a strong team technically. I love the whole attire truly.

Kazi IT’s Quality:

  1. Kazi IT provides reliable service with our technical team who implements a practical sense of technology in multiple backgrounds in showcasing their excellent performance.
  2. Their team has constructive unity of making a good relation with the clients and delivers the projects quickly.

Top IT Firm In Bangladesh Infographic

Bangladeshi it firm infographic image

In this technology oriented world, it is not possible to run your business without IT firm. Mostly the clients are in great need of flexible and high-quality service with agility in works. Before starting business, consult one of your desired IT firm mentioned above.