Popular Types of Websites

To lead online business website is one of the best method. If you do not have a nice website you will loose a big amount of traffic. SpellBit is one of the Leading IT Firm and we have a big margin of experience to make web site. All websites are not the same. Web sites have different layout and design depending on their purpose. Let’s look at some of the most popular types of websites.

Some Popular Types of Websites

Blog or personal websites

This category is on the rise. Using your own blog means you get to share your stories to the world. No matter what your story is since the world is your audience, you will always find someone who will be benefited from what you have to share.

WordPress was created to build blogs and due to the simplicity and easy to use features of WordPress more and more people got the opportunity to start their own blogs. However, with time, WordPress became more sophisticated and now it is used to build many other types of websites and not just blogs.

Business websites

No matter what business you are in or what the size of it is, business websites are becoming essential. Why? Because you get to reach out to a huge audience very effectively.

More importantly, you are tailoring your message and sending it to your audience via your website. Your business website can become a central hub for information and for your potential customers to ask questions, send requests and clear away confusions. You can engage and interact with your potential customers and build a loyal following.

E-commerce website

These websites have plugins that allow them to incorporate e-commerce features. These websites help you manage your inventory level, add a shopping cart or store that gives the users the option to shop online from your product or service offering and lastly take payments from the buyers.

E-commerce websites are reducing costs for many businesses since maintaining an online store is cheaper than a physical one. Many businesses with a physical shop also have an online store because it increases sales and profit potential of the business.

Portfolio websites

Portfolio websites are a perfect way to demonstrate your talents. This is a dedicated website that showcases your skills, talents, experience, etc. and sends a positive message to a potential employer. It’s a great way to create your personal brand and market yourself. You can customize to make your website unique and stand out from the crowd. It is a platform where you can put your creativity to work for you.

Online communities

These types of websites focus on a topic and build a community around it. It’s a great way to get connected to like-minded people who have similar interests and passion. There is usually a “subscribe” option which you can use to build an e-mail list. You can share information with the audience and make the website a resource center on the topic.

Podcasting websites

WordPress themes are very popular to podcasters. Podcasting is using the internet to make digital recordings of your broadcasts and making it available online. Podcasts can have many purposes. Some are entertaining, while others are informative. They can cover various topics, ranging from sports to art, history to culture, etc.

Niche affiliate websites

These websites can be a good source of income for many. Affiliate marketing means you are promoting other people’s or other company’s product and if you can assist in sales then you get commission from the sales. What better way to promote products than by building your own website? Niche affiliate websites do just that. They promote products or services on behalf of another person or company.

You can have many other types of websites for various other purposes but Spellbit is one of the best web development and seo company. The ones in this list are some of the more popular ones at present since their use is increasing very rapidly.